GIS at Mono County & Town of Mammoth Lakes, CA

GIS has been a shared resource between Mono County and the Town of Mammoth Lakes, CA since 2007, with a common GIS Coordinator, and shared infrastructure. The benefit of this collective approach is that the users in both of the entities have the ability to look at the same data, use the same tools, and leverage the success of each other to further build, implement, and deploy our geographic knowledgem on a broad scale. This website is one example of the value of this shared resource - allowing our customers (both agency staff and the general public) a single point of access for maps, applications, and data, regardless of their geographic focus.

The County, Town and Mammoth Community Water District are heavily invested with Esri, and work under a Small Government Enterprise License Agreement thorugh which the jurisdictions have access to the software we require to accomplish our work. This is an invaluable relationship that benefits the agencies as a whole, and the public that looks to us to answer complex questions and provide high quality services. 

GIS staff within the County and Town exist throughout every department, with a variety of roles and responsibilities. The GIS program as a whole is managed by a small team of individuals who reside within the Mono County Information Technology Department and provide oversight, guidance, project management, and support to the staff and public within our agencies.

For inquiries regarding about GIS at Mono County or the Town of Mammoth Lakes, please email gis @