Digital 395 Project Overview

Digital 395 is a 'Middle Mile' project that is building a new 583-mile fiber optic network between Barstow, CA and Carson City, NV that will mainly follow the Highway 395 corridor.

Along the way, the project will encompass 36 communities, six Indain reservations, two military bases, over 25,000 households and 2,500 businesses. The project will bring high speed Internet to over 250 key anchor institutions and points of interest, including local government, public safety entities, schools, libraries, and health care facilities. In addition, high-capacity fiber will be available to Last Mile Providers for use in extending Internet service to additional residential and business customers throughout the project area.

More information about Digital 395 can be found through Praxis' official project website.

What does Digital 395 mean for you?

The fiber optic backbone currently being built will provide an unprecedented level of capacity for broadband, Internet, and other digital communications. For most, this will translate to faster Internet speeds through their existing Internet Service Providers (ISP), or the establishment of new Internet/broadband capabilities where there previously were none. 

This site has been organized to provide information based on how you use Internet - as a Resident (or as a general home-based consumer), a Business, or as an Internet Service Provider. Each section contains basic information on how Digital 395 will impact you, links to resource materials, and much more.


Digital 395 Map Gallery